Monday, January 12, 2009

Blessed By A New Letter From Papa Dima

Papa Dima, whom we all adore, works relentlessy day in and day out along with his wonderful wife Galya to minister to the children in Ukraine. He spends ALL of his free time from his job working with the children.
Here is his latest letter and a few pictures:

Dearest beloved sister Christie and brother Mike,

Warm Christian greeting from snow and cold Kharkov. God so good for us and we had really wonderful possibility celebrated Christmas and New Year with many sick and orphan children. We have started celebrate in December 25, after that we celebrated New Year and finally we celebrated Christmas in January 7 according to Ukrainian calendar. God so good for us, so good. It was really wonderful serve these preciously children and tell about GREAT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. God really care about orphan children. This year, I mean in the end of 2008 year, several peoples donated very good jacket for children with different age, we had possibility bless children by some sweets and so on. This is really very good, because we had possibility not simply tell about God's love, but show this LOVE in reality. It is really wonderful help children in different ways, but much important show God's LOVE and explain children that presents and gifts it's very good, but we have really greatest GIFT from Heave, we have Jesus Christ. I have asked what children think about Christmas and many children answer that Christmas is a Christmas and only few children says that this is Birthday of Jesus Christ, this is His day and He is a reason for this holyday. It was really wonderful when children says that if this day is a Jesus Christ Birthday we need give Him a present, not one another, but give present to Jesus and this present is our repent heart, love, honor, worship and obedience His Holy Word. We really was very blessed when we have listen such answer. Praise the Lord!!!!

We had great possibility serve adults, school masters, too. We have very difficult situation in Ukraine in many aspects, economy, politics emotional. Many peoples really afraid crisis which come to Ukraine, afraid when all prices increased each day, when Russia stop sell natural gas for Ukraine, many peoples not see hope in future. I'm so thankful God, He give wonderful Word from Mark 4:36-41. Praise the Lord, we had wonderful possibility serve by this Word to many adults. It is really when Jesus and His disciples go over to the other side they meet a lot of problems. Really many problems and disciples says we go to die because of storm. But Jesus was in the boat, He was with disciples and everything was under His control. Jesus says: "go over" it mean GO OVER, it mean we will come through, even we will meet greatest storm, great crisis. Jesus in the same boat, He along with us in the same crisis, He promised: I will not leave you. Praise the Lord!!! This word was really very inspired for adults we had privilege to serve. It was really wonderful to see how peoples begin, even, breathe much freely. Praise the Lord!!!

We very thankful God for you, for your love and prayers. Thank you very much. Please keep many orphan and sick children we have privilege to serve in prayers. This is really very important and preciously for us. Thank you!!! We love you very much and pray daily. May God richly bless you.


Thankful Paul said...

Wishing you and yours much love, peace, and happiness!

Warren Baldwin said...

God bless. My wife and I have developed an interest in Ukraine and Russia and pray to do some work there with orphans and homeless people. Several from our church have been over there and have inspired us in that area. God bless your work. I just did a sermon Sunday and mentioned the tremendous work being done by a young lady in Africa with orphans. Her site is linked at the end of the lesson:

There are so many good and godly people doing good things. Thanks.

Steve Finnell said...

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annweisman said...

Hi! It’'s a difficult time for Ukraine. Everyone has a chance to help children in Ukraine. Orphans will appreciate every bit of your attention. Visit our web site, please! Thank you!

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